World at War: Operation Somalia | All-out-warfare Tactical FPS Shooter

World at War: Operation Somalia

What is the game about?

World at War is essentially a tactical first person shooter with all-out-warfare elements that are set but not limited to the events which occurred on a military operation codenamed “Operation Gothic Serpent” or better known as “Black Hawk Down”. Teamwork is the key to success, and is promoted extensively through gameplay elements, such as a hybrid version of the popular game mode, Assault and Secure. World at War is a true to heart tactical shooter which is set in a believable and unforgiving environment where players take part in a virtual war like never seen before.

  • Game Design – World at War is mostly player driven, so only a few scripted events will be done. Everything you see or hear is mostly player driven. Every action and way the player plays will be influenced by the semi-realism game-play and core game-play.

  • Multiplayer – World at War is completely multiplayer based. It is a team oriented game, where players are thrown in the battlefield and are promoted to play as one team in self-created squads through the gameplay elements that we have designed at hand.

  • Tactical Gameplay - We offer a fully featured tactical gameplay with classic and unique gamemodes. We will announce more information soon.

  • All-out-warfare - The gameplay is not limited to infantry battles only. You can choose a wide variety of land and air vehicles to reach your destination and complete your objective.

  • Engine – The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 which allows us to create a stable and beautiful game.

World at War is a unique experience that has never truly been built as a commercial product. With an open-ended gameplay, visually breathtaking scenery that will leave the players gasping for more, it will be a true tactical shooter with other elements at hand in a semi-realistic gameplay scenario.

Prototype Assets Previews


Remington Shotgun


Soda can


Some programming achievements

  • Realistic projectile ballistics with an air drag model that is within 3% of actual real-world projectiles.
  • Realistic ricochets and penetration terminal ballistics that are dependent upon velocity and angle of impact, thickness of material, and type of material.
  • PhysX-based Tank vehicle movement for tracked vehicles. Yes, it really drives like a tank.
  • Realistic helicopter physics.
  • Realistic breathing, aiming down sights, and weapon recoil.
  • Our own online subsystem and master server implementation (not dependent upon Steam or any other third party).
  • Our own VoIP system with 3D localization built upon UE4’s Voice system (no third party libraries required).
  • Plus much more to come!

What’s next? Find out more!

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Dev Update on IndieDB

Nice assets

We’re glad that you liked them. We will reveal more soon.

Screenshots look great! I hope to see more soon.

Oh my how? :smiley:

Wow! Looks great! Can’t wait to hear more! :slight_smile:

We’re glad that you’re interested in the game @Mitx212 & @****. Take a look at some new assets below!



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Dev Update on IndieDB

Perfectly Made!

Thank you for your feedback OxfordReginald.

Looking very nice there devs :slight_smile: Especially anything coming from the boys and girls from BSS.

Cant wait to see more as it progress’s :slight_smile:

Top notch assets! :slight_smile:
The berreta one is my favorite. Judging from the screenshots above, I thought the MP5 looks plastic compared to the others…

Hey buddy if you need any info on any of the military aspects of the stuff, or some critiquing (positive criticism) feel free to PM me, i was a combat infantrymen for ten years in the army and did a few tours overseas. Excited to see how it turns out. (worked with the Rangers in southwest baghdad as well as jurf iskandaria, as well as the Marines, Brits and Canadians).

awesome assets :smiley:

Development Update #2 (06/02/15)

Hello Soldier,
It has been a long time since the last update but we have some new exciting updates:
Programming Update:
1.Bullet whizzes/flybys with added post processing effects for suppression.
2.Added throwing and melee weapons.
4.Advance Health System.
Modelling Update
Take a look at the pictures below


Reflex Sight


Keep up-to-date, soldier!
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**** IT LOOKS GOOD. I cant wait to see more…

How does aiming down sight work in this game? Is it a camera switch or an animation?

I think its dead… why?