World and character rotation?

Hello all quick question maybe easy for some but I have a world (actual round world) and a sky BP that the sun kinda rotates around the world so I have the world rotating also to make up as a real world system so to speak. Anyway as time goes by of course video game logic come around to where you will fall off unless you run opposite way world is rotating. So im trying to make the characters rotation and camera rotation to match the worlds rotation so it looks like nothing but sun has moved and i dont fall off world? Any idea or tips on how to do this? Let me know if my BP would help the overall help thanks for any help…


Hi man,
Not fully sure about what you asked

You can parent your char to the world, and sure the camera to the char ,
So if you rotate the world, from the player and camera nothing change but the sun.

I dont get if you want to be able to fall ( so the player dont have a gravity that push him to the cernter of world, and so is unable to walk all around it)
or if you want to be able to walk all around it (the player need a behaviour to walk on all the surface, upsidedown too, and so is unable to fall off)
or if you just want to stay balanced upon the rotating world, like a actobat on a bal,