world aligned textures or pre baked Textures for assests?

Hello I am crating some concrete assets, I have been playing around with them somewhat, just wanted to know it its worth making world aligned textures for the assets, or just pre baked textures in substance, there seems to be pros and cons to them, I want to know what people prefer

world alline textures

  • can scale the objects with out any distortion
  • can blend different models together.
  • weather the object is large or small I make I don’t have to worry about texture sizes in Substance
  • can have less textures because I only have to bring in 3 or so textures for 20 assets but the material setup is more complicated

pre Baked

  • has a simple metatrails and details is already there
  • I can animate them without texture any problems inside of ue4

anyway just a question? I have I will probably do the two but I would just like to know