World aligned textures don't work when exporting to mobile

I’ve been developing a mobile game for awhile now, and right now I’m creating levels, I’m using meshes without unwrap (rocks mostly) and texturing them with materials with world aligned properties, last night I deployed a level to an android phone for testing but all the materials with world aligned properties failed to give me good UVs, the objects appear in a basic color similar the texture of the material, (grass=green, dirt=brown, rocks=gray etc.) I also tried to deploy the level with basic materials, and it went okay, except for the lack of texture alignment of course.
I hope you can hel me with this one. Thanks!

Hi AugustoGarcia,

In order for this to work you will need to plug in a World Position node into the World Position input of the WorldAlignedTexture node.

If you switch the editor to use the Mobile Preview mode (Settings > Preview Rendering Level > Mobile/HTML5 > Mobile device target)

Using the mobile preview mode will give you the most accurate results for your device. It’s not 100% accurate, but close. You can see the same results as your device before plugging in the World Position node.

I hope this helps.


It worked! thank you, I was trying putting World Position in a different input for some reason, now it’s fine, thanks again.

Please could you explain the process step by step? Thank you in advance.