Workstation for UE4

Hello guys :slight_smile: ,

i’m getting a new workstation laptop that’s can run UE4 smooth without any problem

but i’m not sure what works best for UE4

i was thinking about getting Vaio Z Canvas the link is “here

since it’s powerful machine and it’s have all i need but still not sure

can you help me with the specs that’s work best for UE4 :slight_smile:

When getting a laptop, the biggest issue is finding one with a good graphics processor, most of the time they don’t have a dedicated graphics processor and just use the Intel GPU which is not suitable for games or game development. That’s because most of the people buying laptops don’t play games and they care more about mobility.

That particular laptop also uses the Intel GPU so it wouldn’t be a good choice, your paying for the form factor/touch screen/pen/etc rather than something that’s super powerful.

If you want a gaming laptop, look at Asus, MSI, HP, Razer. Look for something that has an Nvidia GPU, the best ones will have something like a GTX 1060, a GTX 960M wouldn’t be too bad.

thanks for the reply :slight_smile: , yeah i’m getting The New Razer Blade - Full HD (256GB) line here “Here
what do you think ?

I got an ASUS ROG STRIX, 15.6" i7, 12gig ram, 1TB regular drive, Nvidea 970m for $1,200 that is working fine for developing UE4 on when I’m away from my desktop. Looks like it’s on sale now, I’ll need to return it and buy it for cheaper now since it’s less than 15 days.

I would never choose a laptop as my main workstation.

My only complaints are build times, so I won’t do that again on it. But C++ compile, editor and play in editor are all fine.

thanks for the reply :slight_smile: , the only reason for me to choose a laptop as my main workstation because i’m moving a lot :slight_smile: and about the ASUS ROG STRIX that’s a great offer i’ll think about it :slight_smile: