Workstation build UE4 $1200

Hello, I would like some advice for my first PC build if possible.


The PC will be used as a general workstation doing everyday tasks, small to moderate amounts of gaming, but most importantly developing games using UE4 and also some small graphics work (inkscape,Photoshop etc.). Just to emphasis the PC is being built primarily to run UE4 and develop games.

Here is what I am currently thinking about getting:

Firstly what do you think? Are there any alterations that would improve performance in that price range? Any good ways to reduce the cost?


Here’s a variant at $1133 after rebates:

At that price I think that what you already have is about the most balanced build you can get. The 970 is a great card, unless you’re willing to spend another $200 for the 980 you can’t upgrade from it. Same thing with the 4790, excellent CPU, and the next step up is going to be a big premium.

The only thing I would add (if you’re willing to go a little over budget) is an SSD.

I’d swap the video card to the one MuchToLearn recommended but other then that you should be good to go.

Thank you very much for your help and advice

if it’s not urgent, I’ll advice you to wait till 2016, when there will be 14nm skylake and 16nmff pascal… there was a big wait in the dieshrink in the years so it will jump rapidly. I wouldn’t invest in pc atm

On the other hand if you’re always waiting for the next thing to arrive you never end up buying anything.
But if you aren’t in a rush to buy one right now, AMD will have new stuff out soon.

Also you never know Skylake could be delayed (would it surprise you?), especially since desktop Broadwell is supposed to out like… now? Or months ago I don’t remember.

But yeah depends if OP needs/wants a new PC now I guess, if you don’t there’s always saving more.
That PC will run UE4 just fine though, and the 970 is cheap enough that it’s not the biggest deal to replace it if you need more when pascal hits.

SSDs are your friend, third best upgrade after CPU and Ram.

^^ But the GPU mannnn… the GPU.


You don’t get it. It’s not like that.

For the first time of 50 years the moore’s law have been slowed down, meaning from economic aspect it was not worth it to push the die shrink production.

If you still don’t get it, around every 2 years the mm2 of transistors is dropping, but there was a pause in the whole industry, mostly video cards. 28nm is stuck from 2013… and 20jnm will be most likely skipped entirely and the next video cards will jump directly to 16nmFF+ which is HUUUUGE jump, also don’t to mention combined with the new architecture.

So… not it’s not about waiting it’s about smart choice, because this is individual case. But as I said if it’s urgent it can’t be helped, but… building a dev machine 6-10 months before the biggest jumps in hardware doesn’t sounds like smart idea to me.

p.s even skylake being delayed, broadwell will be still at 14nm… Which is expected spring 2015. And no need to mention how important is the CPU for compiling at the engine…

I agree with you on all accounts and I do get it, just depends if it’s urgent.
Also wonder what OP is currently using?

AWh yeah totally… if it can’t be helped and he needs to do it now. Maybe, I’m too hooked, because I’m expecting all of that to hit the market ASAP… After watching the GDC and nVidia announced pascal is 10 times faster (even it was a marketing joke) I really can’t help it, but wait.

Also Intel 3XXX and 4XXX have been on 22nm since back in 2012, and after month or two in 2015, you’ll have 14nm, really would hold my horses.

The whole hype around the VR will push the limits on everything, I’ve started worrying that it’s given too much priority on mobile hardware than the desktop, but now it’s still bright.

As @Xerthas highlights, if there’s an urgent job, GTX 970 will handle it really well! However if you’re patient it will be really well rewarded stacked DRAM and unified memory sounds really exciting to me!

I’m personally expecting the $999 Titan X to bite the dust when Pascal with 16nmff+ is released… Like even entry level cards will be as fast. But… maybe I’m dreaming too much :stuck_out_tongue: we’ll see… Still happy that there’s a lot of big players joining the VR hype with its huge bulky hardware requirements that we will all benefit.


16nmff+ node is approximately 40% faster with 50% less power consumption… from the 20nm…

When you note the current gpu are using 28nm node it just feels wrong to jump right now.

It’s understandable why nVidia are able to product such great cards with the 900 series, when you consider the price drop of node production.

My message is… wait if you can. It’s the final push. With HTC, Steam Vive hitting the market this year and if the marketing is good, then nVidia and AMD will be more willing to take risks as well as manufacturers like TSMC and Samsung. And let be honest… Oculus Rift (the biggest social brand) and Steam the biggest game community will be able to create a huge demand for hardware.

Firstly, don’t wait. There is always something better coming out in a few weeks time. You’ve chosen some great components.

Secondly, I assume you are using your current OS. If it is Windows 7 Home Premium, remember that it will only recognise 16GB of (non-GPU) RAM, even if you have more plugged in. Of course, you’ll get a free upgrade to Windows 10 in the summer, so you could still get the extra RAM now, and wait. :slight_smile:

I would suggest him not to wait if he is into outdated technologies and retro architectures :stuck_out_tongue:
Not waiting just before a whole node being skipped is just stupid.


This is an awful advice, hands down. Of course something better is coming out eventually in the future, but it’s not that simple. The industry have been in plateau for 3-4 years, and now just before getting out of it with full might you’re pushing the guy to purchase…

@MuchToLearn configuration is the best deal and sweet point, I agree, but… what if @usersm want to get into the VR development… you’re guaranteeing him that with GTX 970 he will run 1440p/2160p at 90fps in the coming year? Because 4k phone displays are produced this year… from SHARP and Samsung. Meaning the 4K VR experience is behind the corner.

So… he will throw $1200 bux and if he want to be a developer in the most potential and growing industry next year… Q1 2016, he will need to purchase a new machine, which is less than an year from now.