Workshop makes new SteamItem instead of updating

Hello Guys,
i have a Problem and want to ask for your assistance.
I downloaded the Ark DevKit new and done a fresh installation , just saved the Mod folders of my mods and wanted to UPDATE a Mod.
So i copied the Folder from my old installation to my new, updated it as well and uploaded it with same pic and same name.
But Steamcmd made a NEW Mod out of it.

Someone said me, that i should change the SteamItemID in the Mods.db in Saved folder - i tried it , but its not working.

Does anyone know , how i can change options, that my upload just update a existing Mod ?



Use NotePad++ with the Dev Kit closed to edit Mods.db and have it actually work. When going to cook/upload the mod, you can press “View item on workshop” to verify that it works before reuploading it. You have to upload it at least once before doing this.

Hello, yep, that was the clue… i though i can change that with opened devkit.
Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Actually you can as long as the cook window is closed. It loads the mods.db when you open the cook window, not the devkit itself.