Working with World Composition

hey guys,
i recently created a level with world machine and imported it into unreal. Everything works perfectly, my landscape looks great, but how do i actually work with this during production? I have my persistent level as a parent and all my individual tiles as sub-levels. Should i work inside my persistent level? Or open up individual tiles and work on them?
My first thought was to open up individual levels and work on them, but how do i set up lighting and atmospheric effects like fog then? I don’t want a directional light for each level, i just want one inside my persistent level.
What is the common practice for working with multiple people on world composition levels?

Here is an overview of my persistent level inside the engine:

One other thing: how can i load all levels inside my persistent level on startup. I have to reload all levels every time when restarting the engine. That’s a little… annoying.

Always open your persistent level. Place world wide things in your persistent level (like your directional light, fog, pp volume, etc…). Then when you start working on section-specific stuff (i.e. things that you want to stream in and out along with the landscape tiles - rocks, buildings, actors, local lights, etc…) go to the level window, right click on the appropriate level and choose the “Set Level as Current” (or something like that) option. Then all the rocks and other meshes will be placed in that particular sublevel and not the persistent level.

Don’t know. I just make the “load everything” dance part of my start up process, along with fixing my multi monitor window layout that the editor always seems to forget.

Thank you! You are completely right, everything you said makes sense :slight_smile:

Haha yeah, we all know that one… I work with a three monitor setup oO

Here, a cookie and a screenshot for your effort