Working with Visual Studio is cumbersome

Well. Working with VS is a hell.
Auto Complete doesn’t work.
I type -> I get a suggestion -> press Down/Up to select a suggestion, press Enter -> It inserts a linebreak!
I don’t get suggestions for inherited members at all!
I can’t see inherited Members in my Class View although I have a tick at “Show Inherited Members”.


How do people work with this garbage?

Visual Assist helps a ton

+1, I cannot imagine coding without this thing anymore. I definitely recommend buying it.

Don’t forget to add this in your project:

Right click in your project solution->Properties


What’s the purpose of that?

This will enable the Visual Studio to use Pre-Compiled Header files from the engine. After VS has loaded the files (it can take some time after applying the option), Intellisense will increase it’s response significantly.

This post can explain it way better.

Sometimes my projects reset the Additional Options, so make sure it is set if you notice Intellisense does not respond quickly as usual.

…and it will surely solve your Auto complete problem

Hmm, interesting… does it make any difference when using VA and VS 2017? Intellisense seems to be pretty much instant as is.

I use Resharper, and never tried VA…

You can try grabbing a license of Resharper if you are a student. It helps a lot in the code production flow. Surely I can say the same with VA without even trying.

Visual Assist is a must have, unfortunately.

I actually used resharper before (with the student license), just got the trial version of VA.

The most obvious difference is probably that it’s way faster than resharper! :smiley:
It also doesn’t randomly lag like resharper did.

I use visual studio 2017 and 2015, with visual assist enabled. I agree that even then the engine is far too cumbersome for me to program for. I will stick to blueprints because if it weren’t for the fact that UE4 is far better in many important nuances over unity, I would switch without hesitation. I have complained about this issue before, if your project requires third party tools to parse, you’ve done something wrong. With Unity using c# its a non-issue and has been for a while. I can understand why ue4 is native to c++, but it is a hinderence. I SHOULD NOT have to purchase visual assist or resharper to make products on this platform in its native language.

On a much tamer note, I’d love to know how you all overcome it so easily, I have from day 1 attempted to use c++ with ue4, and it has always been too much of a hastle, hell I just ran into an issue where visual studio would not update visually when typing a period and instead I would have to constantly re-link project files to see the code.

Wow, Visual Assist is indeed a great help. Thank you for that!

Using the /Yu switch showed above and having everything on a SSD helped lower the response times of VS (2015) a lot.

You don’t have to. It’s honestly just a convenience. If you are using intellisense feature as a way to explore code as a replacement for documentation, you’re doing it wrong.

That being said, I don’t use Visual Assist anymore but it sure is a very nice convenience to have. I found myself getting way too lazy and dependent on auto-complete type tools. Personal preference I guess.

To @ExoGames point, it depends on how much you rely on things like Intellisense. Intellisense is not the compiler, so always take its “errors” with a grain of salt. I use it for AutoComplete and that’s about it. I primarily use Visual Assist for it’s “Open File in Solution” (ALT+SHIFT+O), “Find Symbol” (ALT+SHIFT+S), “Toggle Header/Source” (CTRL+K/CTRL+O), and the various Refactor/Implementation options you get when right clicking on a class/variable name.