Working with UDK

Hi everyone.

I was working with Unreal Development Kit for some time. When Unreal Engine 4 was released - I was very glad to see this great news. I purchase subscription on UE4 and found that my computer does not matching by system requirements.

So, everywhere writter, that starting new project with UDK not recommended.

So no I’m in difficult situation.

  1. My computer works nice with Unreal Development Kit, and I have some experience with it.
  2. Looks like I need too much time for upgdare computer for comfortable work with Unreal Engine 4
  3. I’ve seen some any game engines and I dont like any of them, look like I’m patriot of Unreal Engine technology =))

I’m going to start project with UDK. I think I will release it after about 2 years. I need your advice guys. What do you feel about it?

P.S. Much sorry for my english

Have you tried adjusting the scalability settings to improve performance when running UE4 on your machine?


Yes, I tried it. On all minimum settings its too low perfomance, but I feel really comfortable working with UDK…

Here is my question about system requirments on AnswerHub. I was thinking, that I can change just videocard, but they told that my processor too weak (Core i3 2.93). For new processor need new motherboard with right socket, new videocard and new power supply unit to it… So just I need completley new computer. Thats why I thinking about UDK.

You shouldnt really compare UE4’s performance to UDK, there are too many differences between the two. Unfortunately both your CPU and GPU need an upgrade to be able to work easily on UE4. If you cant spend much on hardware even an i5 or AMD 8350 would do so you dont need a high end CPU, and for GPU you have a lot of cheap and efficient options to choose from as you already know i suppose.

The 750Ti is about $150 and only needs 60 watts of power, it doesn’t need the extra power cable. It can run UE4 fine. Your talking about a 2 year project. If your creative I’m sure you can come up with better hardware by piecing it together.

So… starting with UDK now - it is not an option?

Of course you can start with UDK -> it will even get easier to learn the UE4 when you want to switch to it in the future :slight_smile: