Working with sequencer - Events

Hello, as working with Sequencer in blueprints is still missing lot of features, I moved to C++. What I need now is an access to get events inside track, so I would be able to use some kind of “notify state” in level sequence. Basically it would be used for qte timing, I need the time difference between events for start and stop and current sequence time. I will use that for UMG widget. How can I gain access to it from USequencePlayer parented class? I’ve already searchedthrough a lot of files, but still I find it hard to achieve this information. Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Welcome to the club :slight_smile:

Sadly there is virtual no information or documentation on working with Sequencer from C++ and no information on the rather elaborate API it appears to have from trolling the files. Several of us have been trying to figure it out for a bit now and gotten no help from Epic :frowning:

I’m hoping sooner or later as more people start trying to do this, either one of us will stumble upon a vital piece that unravels the whole thing, or someone from Epic will step in and provide some help.