Working with Retail Build of the engine (Way limit us?).

Hey I have been working to get a Standalone Server running and i have to say i hate it.
I have to download and compile the engine in order to get this done.

Now in the Project Launcher running Retail build i have the WindowsServer option but it will not work.
So you need the full source, I really think this is a huge hassle.
I have been working on a clean retail build for months, its simple for a small team that have no resources to maintain a engine build along side the project.

I don`t know way we are not able to produce Server Builds with the retail build of the engine.
But is there any chance we will see this change in the near future?
This hole process have me all frustrated and annoyed.

Now if the only resson for it beeing left out is size can we atleast get a option to include needed files?
So anyone that needs to be able to build a dedicated server can do so with out this waste of time.

Thank you for your time.

Hi , I have put in a feature request for developer consideration of your issue. For reference, the JIRA is UE-18264. I will update this thread when I have any further information regarding the issue.


Thank you that’s great news am crossing my fingers and hoping we get this. :slight_smile: