Working with real time

I’m trying to set up a function that adds 0.001 to a float every millisecond. I’ve tried using events, timers, delays and so forth but they only update once a tick.

I created a function to handle RoF for projectiles using a Timer and it works perfectly. I’ve tested it at 60,000 RPM (0.001ms delay) and at 30 FPS I’m getting 33 shots per frame, at 60 FPS I’m getting 16 per frame etc. So the timer is executing my firing logic once every 1 ms consistently.

Using the same logic approach the float var only updates once a tick. Using the following logic only updates once per tick.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Here’s the setup for RoF … I’ve tried with this same approach (without input action obviously) with the same 1 update per tick result.