Working with Metamask in Unreal Engine

How can I add metamask functionality to my game in Unreal Engine 4?

This is the exact focus of our project and we have achieved the connection through a series of intermediary servers, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Happy to set up a meeting with you and discuss, however.

I’m interested in how they did it. Would they be able to make it a product? I would gladly pay for such a solution. Unreal <-> Metamask

Hey, my team and I are generalizing the Chirpios metamask integration into a UE plugin called 0xygen. If you need this for your game, please reach out.

Guys, please, Put this Plug into Unreal Marketplace !
Really, your work is brilliant, even for a fee I would take it! but you have to secure the transaction, putting it in the UnrealEngine marketplace and all devs would trust in this project, the site is cool but empty, people don’t know you, i respect your work but you can be a black hat! i can’t trust you because i don’t know you but if you put this amazing Plug In into Unreal Mart i can buy this project under the control of Epic and i feel safe, think about it. thank you
I’m a dev but also have a degree in Mkt.

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Thanks for the input @MARIUS1188! There are 4 of us devs working on bringing it to the UE Marketplace with the above functionality by next quarter. Another one of our team members should have website updates completed later this week, with more info about our US-based startup and the team. :slightly_smiling_face:

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NICE ! i’m very happy to ear that =D keep going on!

We are building a solution, that could help you to connect Metamask to Unreal Engine.

Here is our website where you can book a call to learn more about our product:

We have prepared the release of the Official0xygen Plugin. Please see the following thread for details:

Current Features Include:

  1. Gamer account creation and login

  2. Gamer Metamask wallet linkage

  3. Dev team authentication of NFT ownership in real-time for:

    • One or multiple users

    • One or multiple NFTs at a time

  4. Dev team access all NFT metadata in Unreal Engine

  5. Dev team API keys

Hey guys deeply interested in your product. I reached out on discord so hoping to talk more soon.

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Great! Looking forward to learning more about your project and how we can help!

Is product still active?
I see website down.