Working with Data Sets in C++

For a strategy game i’m working on (Think City Sim) I’m creating a resource system of all the different resources needed and some values(eg. base value of the good if sold, type of resource(Is it food, refined, raw, etc)) i’m aiming to have anywhere between 50 - 100 resources in the end. So I created a Data table that sources information about the resources that I don’t need to edit.

How should I assess the data table in C++ so I can read the information? Furthermore I want to attach additional variables to the data set that I manipulate at run time(and save later) for example the quantity of a resource(Which I need to be able to add and subtract to). So far i’m considering to use T-Arrays to storge the data during runtime and add additional variables which I will then change at run time using the TArray(Which is then Saved to a USavedGame Asset). However is there a better way of doing this?