Working together on a project in unreal engine.

Hello everyone

Me and a friend of mine have been trying to make working together on a project work for a month now to no avail. He lives in the UK and I live in the netherlands so just sitting together is not a possibily. We tried multi user editing at first but unfortunately that doesn’t really work out with the content browser so we tried to set up a source control and that just does not work for us. We have tried perforce and a server on our own pc’s, server on aws, git and other stuff and every single time something break. Does someone have a good source or explanation on what you exactly have to do to set up this without breaking everything as we are getting kinda desperate.

Kind regards.


This is the tutorial that I used to set up a Perforce server on AWS a few years ago. (I think things are even more streamlined now)

Around UE game jams Assembla sponsors about a month of hosting for free. (Ultimately pricy option, but could unlock some Perforce hosting knowledge for you)

Setting up a Perforce server on a home PC would be worthwhile too.

Perforce is industry-standard and has a good integration with UE, so I’d encourage you to give it another try. (There are a lot of guides / tutorials out there!)

Alternatively, File → Zip Project (It does not include unnecessary files) would be a good way to pass a project back-and forth.