Working Title "Praise The Queen" P.1

Hey. I just found out about this forum and decided to post on it regarding our project. My team (3 in total) and I are making a very simplistic MOBA game as our first major project (major used very loosely). So far we have many of the visuals done and currently we are finishing some optimization issues we had with the texture streaming pool this stemmed from way to large of textures (most averaging 3000px by 3000px) and lack of well cemented LOD. Mostly I have worked out LOD issues and scaled down many of the textures causing the issue (I have about 14 to go, out of 30). Due to my own shortcoming in texturing the characters I will be backtracking and fixing the both the male and female textures; the models themselves fall a bit into the uncanny valley, but “McMaster Jaundis” (weird name I know) the source of the aesthetic inspiration of the characters, though it might be interesting, so I will roll with it to see how it works. Any way here are some screen shots, (mind you I link my Instagram due to the 600kb image limit on here) I would love to hear criticisms if you have any.