Working Title "Colony" Mars Exploration and Survival Game

Hey Everyone,

I’m new to the work in progress forum but I saw it and decided, why not!

I’m currently working solo on this project. I decided about a month and a half ago that I wanted to officially start building an fps survival game. As time progressed I was able to refine my ideas a bit and make some tough decisions on where I wanted to take the game. I decided upon Mars. I have a lot planned for this game and I mostly work on it one piece at a time. I’m currently a Senior at my local state University majoring in Computer Animation and Video Game Development. I have experience with every aspect of the game pipeline as of course I do all my own modeling, programming, animation, lighting, and art/design. I work with Maya, Photoshop and Substance Painter to create all my game and art assets. I also sometimes use royalty free prefab models occasionally for testing purposes.

Okay on to the game … and yes the moon is a placeholder for the moment.

And the most current are these two. I Had just finished programming the HUD Bars last night.

Exploring the design of the interior spaces.

it is interesting man, but that moon at mars made me laugh, haha
Good luck!

Lol, yeah you like that! Of course the moon in its current state is just a placeholder until I get Phobos modeled and textured. I just slapped a texture of our moon on a sphere and called it good for testing purposes.