Working process for dedicated server build

I have been following instructions on the following pages:

I’m still not having success building a standalone server.

I see in other threads that there are issues with the 4.8 build. Which github branch is known working?

Does anyone have a working process for building a standalone server? I don’t care which branch is used, so long as it builds.

Thank you

I have managed to get a dedicated server built on 4.7.6

It runs, but then complains about CDO Constructor - Failed to find (list of things)

On this page:

It mentions:

Move the executable over to <cooked>/<platform>/<game>/binaries/<platform>.

This file system location does not exist. Has it changed for 4.7.6? Are there any other instructions I could follow to get this server to run?

I moved the server exe, pdb exp and lib over to /Binaries/ and got past the CDO error.

Now I see:
plugin ‘SteamVR’ Failed to load. because module ‘SteamVR’ could not be found.

SteamVR is disabled in my windows > plugins.

I tried copying the dll from this thread, but that did not work either.