Working Open IP Multiplayer With My Game, Pics and Tutorial for Community

Dear Friends at Epic,

Again I wont post too many non-questions like this.

But I am super super excited.

I’ve just proven that we as Beta testers can get a REAL open IP multiplayer game going using a completely custom project!

Again I started this from third person c++ starter kit!

Many thanks to all you wonderful Epic Devs for helping me to get this going!

Something Amazing = We had Different Blueprint Assets

I just realized I was actually running my ongoing development version when I just did the multiplayer test with another Rocket Beta User

In his version the blueprints were different than mine, but not the base classes or the compiled binary.

This is amazing


The power of blueprints enables us to
make even substantial changes and
still run a multiplayer game?!?!?!


I will be writing tutorial on how to help others to do this for their projects.

Pictures For You of Real Open IP Multiplayer Between Two Rocket Beta Testers

Hi Rama,

That’s great, we will be looking forward to seeing your tutorial on the forums.


That tutorial is now posted!

Tutorial UE4 C++ Create Fully Functional Multiplayer Game for UE4 Using Open IP

Hi, Sorry if this is silly for met ask, However, when i click on the link and sign in, it says,

‘‘you do not have permission to access this page’’

Any help! or Ideas?

Yes sorry this is my old post from before current UE4 version

I will have to remake my Multiplayer tutorials on the Wiki :slight_smile:

The short of it is that you just open the console on a client instance with ~, and type

open YourIP

which you can get from

#Running a Listen Server
MapName?listen -game -ResX=800 -ResY=900 -WinX=0 -WinY=20 -log

#Connecting a Client

Client types Open HostServersIP

I cannot say more till I get my version of UE4 up and running.


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But what ports must you open up on your router and forward to the server to host an online server?


Primary port is 7777



IF you run the commandline to start a listen server you will see in your log that the game is listening on port 7777

Hello Rama! can u help me please? my e-mail adress
I have same problem and i cant fix this! thank you.

Hello Rama! can u help me please? my e-mail adress I have same problem and i cant fix this! thank you.

link broken

I have the same problem… Listening locally but not over network.

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