Working O'Neill's Cylinder/Standford Torus

This is a quick show off for a fully working O’Neill Cylinder which can also be used for a Standford Torus (space station or really funky world).

I did not make the coding so wont take credit for it. What I did was that I bought the “Directional Gravity for Physics and Movement” by RomanSmirnov from UE4 market place. It is not free and this is not a “sales speech” just showing that it works and giving credit where due.

It uses “Capsule Collision” as no Cylinder Collision exists in UE4 (PhysX bleh!) so the creator made the changes on his end as a separate UAsset and sent it my way. (Not sure if he has included this change in the Market Place Model but he should still have the asset itself)

(Continued below)

Quick Video:


Now that the show and tell is over, what I now face issues with is, well the way to setup the space station/world itself. I am not a pro at this but dabble around with it but always wanted this sort of space station.

Currently is uses some quickly made terrains which I rotated manually, thus the weird textures. However doing so took hours because UE4 eats ram fast when copy/pasting Terrain making it unfeasible to use at least with my current PC/settings.

The setup is 2km height and a tube diameter of 1km so its 6km2 but the size I want to make is much bigger (Inspiration:

The “walls” consist of 16x Terrains with 160 Components each (total: 2560) so its rather “big”.

Thus, I would ask you all how you would go around with creating a world in this sort of setting?

Making prefabs/zone division and such? Ideas are welcome!

How did you get behaviors/AI etc to behave upside down? The navmesh is very 2D. I have edited Romans plugin to have a cylinder collision with a linear gravity. Fun times! I have not tested with replication, and I heard his plugin causes vibrations of the gravity fields when in multiplayer, when your player stops moving. Im working on trying to find a 3D navmesh/waypoints that will work and allow use of ai behavior trees. Then I want to try to get fog of war going. I would probably paint/sculpt custom terrain.
Did you get any further with your project?