Working on the engine: where to start?

Hi all,
I’m a programmer and I’d love to learn and contribute to the Unreal Engine. I read the wiki pages about how to contribute, but I am worring if there is a list of topics where it’s possible to pick a task or a feature and work on it.
For example I saw there is a issue tracker, and I think that fixing small bugs could be a good starting point to get “hands on” the engine.
Any advice on where to start ?

I hope this is the right forum section for this kind of post.

Thank you very much,

Fixing smaller issues is a good start. As you said, you can just pick some easier one on the issue board, but if you work with the editor, you’ll probably find some yourself too.

For example, if you change an event dispatcher’s input type, the calls and binds get updated, however, it doesn’t happen if you change the name of the input. Probably all that’s missing is an update call somewhere in the the committing event of the input name.

Or setting the Default category by hand places the variable in a new Default category instead of moving it out of its current category, it’s also probably a few lines fix.

Choose some minor usability bugs like this, and as you work through them, you’ll slowly explore the engine source and be able to contribute to more major issues / features.

Note that you should expect epic to take months to look at any PRs - if ever. So need to carefully evaluate whether you really want to spend time on that.

Well yes, it’s true for many of them sadly, but if you keep your changes minimal on as high level as possible, it’s usually much faster, as it’s easier to evaluate and test if anything breaks.