Working on my first 3D platformer indie game!

Hi everyone! I’m excited to introduce you to Rolling Bombs!:bomb::video_game: My first indie game!

Rolling Bombs is a 3D platformer game with unique rolling mechanics. The player will control a chosen bomb, trying to escape the levels without exploding and before time runs out! :rocket::boom:

I’m a solo developer for this project and I’ve recently launched my YouTube channel where I’ll be posting regular updates, showcasing features, and giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the development process. If you’re interested, just give it a look!


Here are some screenshots captured directly from my game. I would like to receive some feedback and impressions from the community!

Thank you for your support and let’s roll into this adventure together!:bomb:


Looks nice.


Hi there @fuimus,

Hope you’re well and having a great week so far :slight_smile:

As a fan of indie games this project immediately got me excited. Despite me being notoriously bad at platformers, I have to admit this looks like such a charming game. Do you happen to have any videos of gameplay posted yet?

Thanks for taking the time to share!

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Hi @PresumptivePanda,
Thank you for the comment, I’m currently working on the game and on another video that will be out soon. Not a gamplay but it will explaing and showcase a bit more about the game itself, so stay tuned! :wink:
I’m trying to do my best to release a first playable demo for September, so I hope then you will try it out and enjoy :slight_smile: :bomb: :video_game:

I will release more content and screenshots on my YouTube channel soon. I hope to hear your thoughts when you see some gameplay! :wink:

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If you are interested to see more about my project I recently uploaded a new video:


In this devlog, I’ll walk you through the game’s concept, key features, and initial development steps. You’ll get to see how the game has evolved from a simple idea to a playable game.

Here are some new screenshots:

Feel free to share it with communities and let me know your impressions :wink:


Oh wow the video is so informative and showcases so much of that old-school game charm. I’m also glad to have gotten such an in-depth explanation of your experience.

So cool. Can’t wait to see more as you develop further :smiley:

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A little taste of my next video :wink: Enjoy!