Working on Cg video for fun and demo

I’ve been putting together some models and such to have fun with to make a cg reel
need to add the pole vectors to fix the popping and dedicated angles between the spatula and humerus kind of like the clavicle

Inside the train car will be the fight scene so adjusting it accordingly so there is interaction inside while the train is moving in shot 6 - 15

A train robbery cg short finishing the assets have the scene all working in unreal hairworks and rigging have to finish character clothing enemy characters the big suprise character the animations and finish the effects
Effects List
rocks sliding from vibration from train tracks work in progress
hoof prints from horse work in progress
muzzle flash shotgun and pistol pistol finished shotgun work in progress
train smoke sparks finished
cold air breathing workinprogress rigging the characters and quadruped so that i can simulate breathing
explosion have several old ones but this one is indecisive how i want the final shot to be
leaves falling from trees to be done
dust finished
smoke trail finished

apex cloth work in progress keep changing clothing
hairworks working
poly hair working

Testing out the hair and anim import for skeletal mesh and hair rendering in unreal Wanted to see what errors I would get and what to fix while im working on the horse to finalize it. The rig has dynamic curves for the stirrups or the place the character puts its feet baked down for 4 seconds.
Horse tail not long enough
Fix: Increase guide curves for tail

Horse tail needs animation
Fix: Either add an Ik spline blend chain with a dynamic spline or make the tail bones dynamic inside of unreal more expensive but I have a little room for mistakes.

Horse mane isn’t colliding well with the collision mesh and capsule colliders i made in maya while exporting but holding better.
Fix: Create a more detailed collision mesh or increase radius of capsule colliders.

The stirrups pop from the animation looping on the dynamic joint chain.
Fix : fix the animation curves for loop and copy last keys for the dynamic curves on rig.

The animation is horrible
Fix: probly ask for some help

Teeth and mouth
Fix: debating whether or not to add the teeth and mouth I wanted to have the horse breathe smoke but thats adding more things to the pile but it would be fun to do.

The cloth on the back of the saddle
Fix: Re uv

Nvidia shading module
Fix: adjust settings

Ok most definitely need animation help my wife said my horse looks like a paw patrol animation. :smiley:
lmao if anyone knows of any animators I am more than willing to accept any kinds of help lol. the scene forgot to add it

just seeing how the render passes lookbeautypass.jpg
testing out the sequencer with everything going for some reason it only outputs 4 of the custom render passes i asked so its not a beauty render but it will have to do for a png seq
still thinking of adding my weather system the epic system is kind of bare or just dropping a skydome with an animated uv space i dunno have to work 60 more hrs this week so will get back to working on it next monday hopefully sooner unless i get called in.