Working On a T-Rex

Hi all, just thought i would show you all my T-rex i have been working on, i modeled and textured it in ZBrush, rigged and Animated in Blender, Its my first time doing such a thing so it was and still is a learning experience, i am thinking about putting it on the marketplace once its finished.

Nice work :slight_smile: The skin could be a little darker.

Nice, though the texture seems a bit blurry? Also agree with Frequia, could tone the skin brightness down a bit. Good work though. =)

thanks guys,i think i may try a darker skin tone, i noticed it was blurry for some reason in UE4, it is fine in any other engine, strange…

Maybe the engine is using the automatic generated mipmaps, and that’s why it looks a bit blurry. Or maybe the texture is in a low resolution. For the main characters, I sometimes like to deactivate the automatic mipmaps and use textures that are at least 2048x2048, so the textures always look crispy. All and all, I think the skin material needs a bit more work. A detail normal map is definitely a way to go in this case, IMO. Contact me if you need help with that. Also, it would be nice to have some kind of roughness map, so there’s some variation on the dinosaur’s skin. That would make him look more interesting.
Nice job with the model!