Working on a Map Called TheLostArk! Complete Newbie though so please bear with me whilst I learn!

So hey everyone I just recently got an interest in modding my own map after spending 15 hours creating a procedurally generated map to be exactly how I wanted it to look. It was after this point I for some reason started watched modded map reviews on YouTube and realised I wanted to make my own with no previous experience or knowledge so here I am lol.

Right now I have set up the terrain to roughly a similar size as The Island thanks to YouTube tutorials and have started doing my first mountain landscape Terrain Test! Have no ideas how to dip the ground down etc but figure I will work it out as I go/use YouTube videos to help learn how to do/achieve the things I want to do.

I am hugely inspired by the Ragnarok Map, Crystal Isles and Skies of Nazca and have huge aspirations to make this map just as good though know it will take time having no knowledge and experience.

I love the idea of making it fantasy based incorporating all the different types of biomes and having all different dinos including dragons etc available on it and being able to find scorched earth items too. I have no idea quite how to do it yet but as the person that is creating Crystal Isles did I love the idea of gradually moving into the next biome rather than it just being cut off like my procedurally generated map did and want heaps of interesting features like explorer notes, ruins, crystals, glowing mushrooms, lava rivers/pits, lakes, waterfalls, swamps, tropical paradise etc in the map as well as an ocean that contains all sorts of interesting features too as well as all dinos currently available.

I have no idea how to do all this yet but thought I would share my first attempts at landscaping a mountain (have no idea how to do textures yet or if that just comes from paint?) And its not finished as parts still need doing and need to work out how to do rivers and dip the terrain down etc yet but figure I have to keep taking it one step at a time or I will just get confused and throw in the towel which I don’t want.

But yes please bear with me whilst I learn may take awhile but I really want to do/achieve this :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


So I didn’t have a heap of time to play but hope to be able to work on it more later tonight.

Good news I worked out how to landscape into the ground so am now working in some rivers! Trying to create some that are deep enough to be able to bring a mosaurus or plessiosaur up but also some shallower ones to make it look relaistic! Still working on the same mountain and haven’t gotten to the back yet as I keep making minor adjustments to make it look even better! I am trying to incorporate areas to make bases on but as yet I still haven’t worked out how to do ramps to allow people to access this by land dino!

After the flyer nerf (which I am sure will be buffed around feedback!) I want to have areas land dinos can reach! yes I will probably try to work out how to do floating islands etc and have some areas you need flyers for but am aiming to make it able to be based very much around land dinos for the majority :slight_smile:

I am also starting to see now why Mods take so long to do if you want them perfect and right :slight_smile: But I am really enjoying it and seeing it come together even though its only one mountain as of right now lol!

I figure I will work out how to do textures once I have all the landscaping done as I am not sure which areas will be what yet so have to work that out once landscaping is done! At least thats the plan right now


For your landscaping, unless you inted the map to be very small, you may wish to look into tools like WorldMachine to give you a good procedural base to start with.

Thanks for the suggestion! Got Exilogs foundation of water etc for the base of my map and going to check out his tutorials! Don’t intend for the map to be small. Don’t have the funds to buy any sort of programs right now hoping to make it as large as possible for the map! How does world machine work?? Is it free to get?? Will the ark map be large using what I got from Exilogs Tutorial base?? Seems pretty large! Roughly the size of the island but am curious about WorldMachine but not sure about using 2 at once but want to make a decently large map. Can you Explain it more please and let me know if its free to get or not??

Though may just start with the devkit for now and look at that down the track once I have learnt a bit! Start with exilogs tutorial base first for this time :slight_smile: But would be interested to know more for the future though! Thanks