Working on a Mac? Yosemite is Your Friend, and Here's Why

If you’re working on a Mac and your machine will support Yosemite, you’ll gain some considerable performance (ranging from around 10%-70%) by upgrading from Mavericks. Here’s what’s changed:

  • Drivers for NVIDIA cards are faster in general than in Mavericks.
  • Driver updates in Yosemite have resolved a bug for Intel GPUs that required us to work around them when modifying frame-buffer blend-state to avoid glitches, costing significant performance. This is ratified in 4.6.
  • Viewport icons rendering with a diagonal line on AMD Dx00 cards in new Mac Pros has also been fixed in Yosemite.
  • All future driver improvements made by Apple will be limited to Yosemite, as well.

Good news! Thanks.

Cheers Chance

Was holding off on updating but I’ll give it a whirl.

I bought an iMac 5K and installed UE4 on this new machine. I mostly use UE4 on windows pc.
On OSx I don’t find all demo scenes that we have in windows version. Why?


They should all be there - have you tried downloading them from Marketplace or Learn tabs?

ok, Matinee scene tab wasn’t in demo area but in tutorials.


There is no support for gestures.
I have both trackpad and magic mouse. I would like to zoom and orbit with trackpad.


Great! Already on Yosemite here. Glad Apple is also working on their end improving things as well.

Hi gabrielefx,

There is support for gestures in editor as of 4.4. If it isn’t working for you, can you open a new post in Bug Reports section of AnswerHub with as many details as you may have, including reproduction steps? Here’s a link:


Still using Mountain Lion as iOS build machine for UE4, and if you are also in group who not in mood to upgrade till last minute (Like till Feb 2015), 10.8.x is still rock solid for pumping out iOS binaries ( with some minor code modification to make UE4 backward compatible with 10.8.x )

Would you get same effec by sticking to Mavericks but using nVidia drivers (with nVidia hardware only, of course)?

No. Some of required changes are within Apple’s OpenGL framework, not Nvidia drivers, so you won’t see same benefit.

OK thanks for info!