Working on a game, but hitting a snag

Hello, all.

I have been lurking these forums for a while, and always enjoyed what I have seen and read. I have been tinkering with UE4 for a few years now, and I think I really told myself I wanted to learn more about how to use the engine about a year after UE4 was released. So since then I have thrown together random things just to see what happens, but never actually making anything substantial. I am also a PC enthusiast so I enjoy tinkering with my rig and building new ones. My latest specs are:

Asus TUF X-570 Plus
Nvidia 1060 6GB
AMD Ryzen 7 3700x
32 x GB DDR4

I have an SSD for storage but don’t remember the exact model. I think it is a Samsung 850 Evo. Now, the only reason I mention my build is that I upgraded from a dated, but usable, 990FX Sabertooth motherboard and an AMD 8350. I had 24 GB of DDR3 with that kit, but the one thing I notice between the 2 builds is that when I have my Third Person Character selected on my new build, the engine starts dropping frames like its cool. I go from a smooth, usable interface to the engine taking a few seconds just to register and show that I have the character selected and I am trying to move it to another part of the world. Some more info about the world is I have a landscape imported, but I am not doing any post-processing or heavy light editing. It is a new world with just some of the basic components and the character to test things out. I have a day and night cycle, but this doesn’t play into things as the latency only occurs when I am trying to move this one asset around.

As a side question, is it possible to disable/enable the third person preview window? I know you can pin it to the viewport, but can I actually toggle it on and off?

Please let me know if anyone needs any more info. Thx!

As a follow up to my initial post, just in case someone is wondering what the question is, I am asking if the hardware being used now would have any significant impact upon the engine to the point where it would cause the behavior I am experiencing. On the older hardware, I had no suck issue. Granted, some things took a bit longer to render or compile, but it was a (mostly) smooth experience. Do I need to adjust a setting or profile within the engine? I have already made the change in toning down the render quality of the assets and environment within the engine while I am developing, but this is not helping. I have pulled up the ‘stat unit’ specs to view the numbers in real-time, but all that I am able to see is that the GPU suffers when the asset (third-person character) is selected. The other values climb as well, but it all settles out once I select the landscape or sky sphere or something else. I am looking for some advice that incorporates the hardware in use with the engine in its current state. I can post results or values if they would help shed light on this.