Working on a free office asset pack.

Working on a free asset pack for the community. If anyone has any suggestions for assets or changes feel free to ask.

I was planning on releasing the assets and files a bit later, but If you need some of them now, I can try to post them sooner.

It’s looking very good so far.

Looking very good so far, here are a few i’m sure could be useful for the pack:

  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Drawers/File Cabinet
  • Potted Plant

These look great! Very modern and detailed. Thank you for being so generous and making them available for the community.

I will definitely keep my eye open for this one! The assets look great so far!

Wow, really nice! I like the label on the power outlet :smiley:

Water cooler and coffee machine a must.

Good on you for contributing to the community! The props look great!

Okay now those assets look very good. Off hand not sure what else to add. Fire extinguisher? Water cooler? Frig? Book case?

Very cool, looking really good.

Looks pretty good, that security camera is impressive, can’t wait to try out the asset pack when it’s ready.