Working on a 2D Platformer, could anyone help with some of the features?

So at college I’ve got an assessment coming up (well, a 20 hour exam, 5 hours to prepare assets and research/write notes, and then 15 hours to make the game with no internet access, exam conditions.) The brief is to make a game based on a news reporter promoting the benefits of riding a bike. My idea was a 2D Platformer where the player has had their car stolen and have to walk all the way to work, but know they’ll be late for work and be too tired to actually do work. You collect bike parts (simple wheels at the moment) which will be the collectibles of this game to fill up a progress bar. Once this bar is filled, the level will end. You’ll gradually lose health which is a representation of time till you should be at work as well as tiredness from walking. At the moment the bare essentials I’ll need are:

  • Creating a News Reporter asset (a person with smooth hair, wearing a shirt and maybe a tie, black trousers and black shoes)
  • Looking for and downloading the sourced assets
  • Creating a health bar which slowly depletes
  • Making collectibles (probably for now a thin cylinder which spins until I make a pixel-art wheel) and making these fill the percentage bar.
  • Creating obstacles which you will platform/jump over (the car asset) as well as making two hit boxes (if you run into the front of a car, it’s game over. If you jump on the top of back, you either lose 10% of health or don’t lose health and can jump off.)
  • Percentage bar which increases when you collect bike parts + forces the level to end when it’s filled
  • Main Menu with Play, Controls, Story and Quit
  • Pause Menu with Continue, Controls and Quit.
  • Game Over/Win screen

I was wondering if anyone would be able to give advice for creating collectibles as well as filling up a progress bar, creating a health bar that depletes over time, and ending the level when you fill a progress bar? I know how to make the menus and show progress bars in-game, I’m just not sure how to create these 3 features? Does anyone have any suggestions or advice, or is able to help me with this? Thanks in advance!