Working in this industry in australia

Hey recently completed a Certificate 4 in Interactive Digital Media and am looking to enter the field of Level Design, just wondering is this engine widely used in Australia?


I think it’s better to find some game development studios based in Australia and discuss it with them. You can get information regarding other studios and get to know their plans for the future with UE4.

I don’t think any particular engine is widely used in Australia, largely down to the lack of development studios still operating in the region.

Level design isn’t tied to any particular engine anyway - it’s not uncommon for studios to have their own in-house engines and tools.

new borderlands pre sequel at 2k canberra using unreal engine 3…im sure they will move to ue4 at somepoint

2k Australia may well move to UE4 in future, but it does remain to be seen!

I’m not sure who still exists in Australia, my old boss at Eidos was Australian and he worked for Atari in Australia before coming to Eidos, that was a long time ago though so not sure if they still have offices there?

As ambershee mentioned, level design isn’t really tied to any particular engine anymore.
As far as Aussie usage of UE4, I use it :slight_smile:
Probably plenty of other individuals and at least some developers based in Australia that do too, but where you can find a list of them all, I haven’t a clue.

I am the President of Wingman Games. We are currently about to start production on a big budget game called POLICE 1013. If you’d like to send some work you’ve done I’m happy to take a look at it. We’re located in Melbourne Australia. See more at

Hey Kris,

Are you doing Ground Branch? Looking forward to that one. Where are you in Vic? Melbourne?