Working in different versions?


This has already been posted, but I couldn’t seem to find anything about it.
I’m about to buy UE4 in this very moment, but first I have a question about version compability.

If my friend who I’m working with uses an older version of UE4, will we be able to
collaborate without any issues with the different versions of the engine we are using?
Or do we both have to use the same version?

There are massive changes between versions, you really should be using the same version.

Ok, thanks for the headup! :slight_smile:

Actually it depends on the stuff that you guys will use :slight_smile: -> in case of blueprints it’s possible to use different version (but you can just import stuff from the old one into the new version -> not from the new into the old one)
Or when you use 4.5 and 4.6 you also wont get many problems