Working game prototype - third person godmode + robot shooter


After almost half year, over 1000 hours of developing, i have 50% working tps shooter and almost full idea how game should looks like.

Game type:
Third person godmode shooter, characters will be able to fly and possess robots to defeat enemy team. Weapons are guns and spells too. Its multiplayer arena-like game for 10-14 players. (Everything can be changed, you can contribute too!)

Currectly game contains 16 characters with different weapons, concepts of robots and their abilities, powerups and objects.
I also have some vfx, weapons and characters packs.
What is not atm done:
UI, SFX, level streaming, networking connection etc…

Iam making it very slowly because im only intermediate blueprinter (mainly game designer) so i decided to find some people who want to cooperate on this game.

Of course, everyone who wants to work on this, can contribute on game design :slight_smile: because as i know everyone here love to making games.
People what im looking for:

  • Programmer(s): main programming job will be using probably 95% using of engine API and maybe 5% some custom engine code modification. Simple AI, networking will be important.

  • 3d modeler(s)- chararacters, props, buildings, robots… + textures

  • animator - simple character/robot movement, aim offsets and some abilities like “throw”… reloading is NOT needed and so on…

  • everyone who wants to contribute :slight_smile: e.g. sfx, vfx, ui, or something else.

Important! This game is NOT AAA title and i dont want to make it AAA. Im trying to keep game simple with less professional work needed. I want to focus game on good gameplay which i think i created good and unique.
Why not AAA? Because i want to ship game and gameplay is most important. I dont want to fall to endless pit of hard work which is not possible based on royalty game. Im realist.
Game is currently simple and not require hard work. If ill have 2 ppl working 3h/day, its possible to ship it in few months(2-6 depending on team passion).

If someone is interested, im available on name368368(at)
I can make video what i have done yet. We can discuss everything.