Working environment, Do you prefer to Stand or Sit?


It’s not quite difficult to see people who are working a long time with their computer, and sae time having a problem with their neck / shoulder / wrist.

I’m curious how many of you guys are standing or sitting for your working.

I think given choice, most prefer to sit. What I heard from people who stand while working is that they suffer from chronic back-pain, and standing up alleviate the pain…

I pretty much broke my back when I started working 12 hour days learning Unreal Engine last year.

I’ve since bought like three new computer chairs, several new pairs of shoes, a sit-to-stand desk riser with a crank that raises and lowers my entire desk + monitor, and an anti-fatigue rubber mat for the floor.

Truth is, I think it’s all well and good, but I actually hurt my back doing some heavy lifting incorrectly and all of this is just compensating for my idiocy :smiley:

Eventually when it heals I’ll probably just end up sitting down to work again, but standing up to play Overwatch is definitely very engaging! :smiley:

Well, I think, in either ways. Both are tough if you do it in a prolonged hours daily. But, I’ll prefer sitting than standing.

Start standing as long as I can. Then when I get tired I sit. (I also squat when no one is around to mock me sometimes. Really helps my back when it hurts.)
People should try a standing desk at least once, it’s much healthier and when in the heat of level design (Or gaming or whatever.) you kind of forget you are standing. (Till you want to fall over. :slight_smile: )

Sitting while doing art work or coding, standing or crouching while doing music.

For me, it’s much more comfortable and comfortable to sit at work, but doctors say the opposite, to stand, it’s more useful than sitting, for health.

I sit long time for like 8 years for my job, now i have a serious back pain :frowning:

I’ve been working/playing at the computer for about 14 hours a day, for the last 2 years. I sit in a decent office chair, and have no back/wrist/neck pain whatsoever. The only time I have neck pain is when I play a game for the entire day, on one of my monitors on the side, and keep it there the entire day, I’ve learned from this and haven’t had that happen for most of a year.

Either I’m doing something right, or the back pain hasn’t caught up to me yet.

Same here, I typically have 14 hour days between work and gaming and any development I do. I haven’t felt any back pain yet, but I suspect that it will catch up to me one of these days. What I worry about more is my heart. Since I started working in an office I get winded faster than I use to. So my biggest concern is doing some form of cardio exercise everyday to try and keep my heart healthy.

That’s maybe my biggest concern as well. I’ve been up and about for hours each day with my new VR headset recently, so that’s at least a small step in the right direction :slight_smile:

Most time I’m sitting on an ordinary chair, but especially during programming I prefer lying in a beanbag…good for your back, but you get sleepy really fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey that is start! Will probably make a bigger difference than you realize. A doctor told me that you should get up at least every 20 minutes to just walk around. But you don’t get much done doing that. Just isn’t realistic. I love working on a computer, but I wish it wasn’t so detrimental to your health though. If you can run, 20 minutes of running a day will help you to stay in better shape.

Most of the time I sit in my job but that’s not good for health. And I am becoming fat. What to do?