Working Chip 8 VM/Emulator in unreal engine.

I have spent time implementing a working VM in unreal engine. All parts have so har have just been to get the VM working as quickly as possible. (Ps, not as optimized as possible).
Demo running the end of the setup face for tetris, and the start of Space Invaders.

Next task, fixing the virtual keyboard for input so it’s possible to actuall play.
Then it’s time to code the ingame code IDE.
Start working on the protocols for input output.

This is just a simple output of existing games to make sure I have a working VM.

I plan to extend the opcodes, and then actually add the possiblity to controll in game objects trough written byte code in game.
Open doors, turn on/off lights etc.

Technically it’s not released. But it’s done as the early prof of concept.
Tier One as one might say.