Working between two computers

I work off both a laptop and a desktop. I’m trying to figure out the best way to keep the files and project synced for my project. I use Google Drive currently but working out of the googlr drive folder gives some weird errors. I was thinking about maybe a external hard drive, and working and connecting it between the two, but before I go and buy one I was wondering if anyone had any experience using one. Any advice would be helpful!

Perforce, but for one user and just 2 workstations it is kind of pointless. External USB drivie >MAY< work if you have both workstations with usb 3.0.
There are applications that can sync folders, you could setup that and sync over local lan when you switc hworkstation (but then you may forget etc). Or over that usb drive.

If i was you i would just split my project, desktop would be main file, and on laptop i would develop small tasks and then migrate them to desktop.

So laptop would be for developing enemy AI and behavior trees, polishing material shaders, doing partticle effects, things that do not depend on other stuff and can be migrated without much mess.

Perforce (or similar versioning software) - nothing pointless about it at all. Not only does it keep your workstation and laptop in sync with a few clicks, but you also get file versioning for your changes.

I will suggest git, you can work without a central repo, or you could “mount” for example gitlab.

I personally use It’ll cost you $7/mo for private repositories (which is free for students)