Working between two computers

I’ve been working on my UE4 project exclusively on my desk PC. I just bought a laptop so that I can work away from my office - but still from home 90% of the time.

I’m not a network guy at all. I’m just wondering what the best workflow is when using multiple devices.

Of course, I can keep my desktop as the primary UE4 system and just use the laptop for modeling and texturing - and manually send the files over to my main workstation.

I’m curious if there would be a better setup. I have a fairly fast home router. If I attach an external HD to that, I could use that as that central HD. However, I’m currently running my project of a SSD and would definitely notice a slow down while working, I think.

Are there other options? I’m on Windows 10 on both systems - can I setup a way to access my main workstation from my laptop?

For those who are using more than one system, what have you settled on as being the easiest/best setup?


You could try usb 3.0 with unreal project on external drive.

Or setup version control like git.