WORKING - AI Behaviour Tree - Unexplained Crash

Earlier I was changing and tweaking some AI Settings in the Behaviour Tree, It all worked so I was happy, I began working on other things, mainly a SpringArm for the 1st person Camera ( Trying to create a lean system )

1st crash happened while adjusting the spring arm in the components tab, Since then it now crashes whenever the BotController initiates my Behaviour Tree, which wasn’t changed, and should of worked after the first crash like it did before.

I have coded the report and copied the contents to help you find it:

#3912 - Tweaking character with Spring Arm for camera, previously to this tweaking AI Beavhiour Trees, It appeasr to only crash when the Bot Controller is Set to Initiate run of MY ( PREVIOUSLY FULLY FUNCTIONING ) Behaviour Tree


Please help, I will keep testing, I will rebuild my tree in a new file and see if that helps, It didn’t mind opening a blank tree.

It appears just rebuilding the randomly faulty Behaviour Tree fixed the issue, Not sure if you still want to enquire about it, but I thought I’d answer my own question in case it helps anyone in future.

While that is the case, upon opening the engine today, with the new Tree, it has begun to crash once again. Any assistance on the matter would be great,

All Error reports will contain the code #3912

The issue is very inconsistent and I can’t seem to pinpoint it exactly, but it seems to be a combination of failing to build, combined with Behaviour Tree’s and being experimental