Workflow - ZBrush - Quixel DDo - UE4

Hi guys,
has anyone managed to find the way from zbrush to quixel ddo to ue4?
Im breaking my head over it and cant find a good solution.
No matter how I create the normal maps in zbrush or xnormal, the result in photoshop quixel 3Do looks very edgy.
You can still see all big polygons. Like the smoothingdata I added by subdividing the model doesnt get saved to the normal map.
Any suggestions?
I would really appreciate it.

Probably a question for the Quixel guys, ask on their forums or on the polycount thread/section.

I`ve been there and couldnt find an answer, I cant post there at the moment. (needs activation)

I dont understand why its so hard to find information on this, since its really amazing and quick.