Workflow to add glasses and props to metahumans

Hi. I’ve recently got started using metahumans. I’m sure there are multiple ways to add props, glasses, etc. to the metahumans. And I’m guessing maybe this will be added to the the metahuman creator in the future. Currently, I’m exporting characters directly to UE…but I guess I could go via Maya and add clothes, etc. there - just wondering what people are doing.

Import MetaHumans to UE4, export the MetaHumans skeletal mesh, bring it into Maya, bind the props to the skeleton, export the skeleton from Maya back into UE4 and attach it to the model with the bind master pose node.

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You can just make a socket at the head bone for the glasses in the editor and attach it to the head in blueprint using “attach component to component” node at the socket you made, if the prop doesn’t need to bend, it doesn’t need masterpose or even rigging for example: glasses, gun holster at the leg, armor plate that covers only the top part of the chest or even a belt, all of this can be just attached through blueprints as it doesn’t need to bend.

That’s what I did. Sockets and blueprint attaching. Playing with Metahumans and Free marketplace assets. Custom Space suit! - YouTube


Anyone got any ideas on how I can add a nose stud? I’ve attached it to a socket which moves with the nose and have narrowed it down to one which I’d pretty close but when at the extremes the stud goes through the nose mesh or pulls away from the nose. I was thinking of trying to use a pose asset to somehow offset it but its a bit beyond me. Thanks

No idea if it would work, but what about utilizing a groom asset? Beards, Eyebrows, and skin imperfections are all tightly against the skin and never shift in or out of it. They always remain on top. Another thought is taking a closer look at the teeth… they are held tightly inside the head and never seem to move out of place, might be a good comparison to see what the MetaCreators did. Lastly if those options didn’t yield good results I might think about resorting to Mixer and painting it on and using a displacement map.


Been working on some custom assets, specifically a necklace. Unreal Engine - Create Jewelry - Necklaces . Also working on creating a hotswap in editor tool for the clothing/assets.