Workflow suggestions for unusual model

Hi all, I developed this project in Sketchup for a computer drawing class and wanted to get some advice on importing to UE4.

The square and triangulated landscapes are easy enough to manage but my question is with the building structure. It’s fairly complicated but built as one solid model (don’t ask why) and would be a serious pain to break down into smaller parts for unwrapping in max. If the structure is only viewed at a medium distance (like in the attached closeup images) but not up close or from interiors, how detailed should the unwrapping be? Like I’m hoping I can split the structure into just a few sections (5-10?) and unwrap those for lightmass.



It depends on the type of lighting you are using. If you are using Dynamic lighting then no need to worry about unwrapping. But if you are using Static lighting then you need to unwrap it properly.

You can split the structure into a number of sections. Number of sections will depend on your lightmap resolution size and the material. One way is to separate the camera facing part of the structure and assign a fairly high resolution size for lightmap while keeping low resolution size for non camera facing parts.