(workflow question) best method for creating planned roads?


im designing a city that i would like to make in unreal engine 4, and i have everything i need to get started, im just not exactly sure how to go about creating the roads i want while also respecting the size i have planned. see, i already have my roads mapped out:

i just dont know how to start sculpting around this plan. the draft model i was coming up with in sketchup was easy because of the way i can essentially overlay the roads on top and then just model around them:

is there a method i can use within unreal to kind of do something like this? or can someone enlighten me on a better way to accomplish what i want? (im extremely new to all of unreal so if this has been answered somewhere else then i apologize)

I have 3 suggestions

  1. Either look in to worldmachine as im pretty sure it can add roads to terrain generated with it.
    2 create a modular Road assets and manually snap them together.
    3.or look in to ue4 spline system Landscape Splines | Unreal Engine Documentation

and create the roads like they are done in the real world: always flat to the x and y axis so the vehicles don’t slide off :slight_smile: