Workflow python scripts for real world terrain sourced from GIS SRTM/DEMs

Hello there,
It was quite an adventure for me until now gettings things properly set and working while trying to get real world topography into UE4.

All the info, videos and tutorials I’ve found on internet are about or paid software or workflows without a compromisse of keeping real world proportions on imported landscape. Also finding python API examples is quite scarce.
So I think this is a nice thing to share and feed internet: Python workflow scripts to prepare GIS sourced data, importing and applying landscape textures while keeping right real world X,Y,Z dimensions and scales.

Scripts are GitHub - Rodrigo-NH/UE4HmapsGenerator: Unreal Engine 4 scripts to: prepare and tile from SRTM (and others) DEM to UE heightmaps keeping real world dimensions and proportions. Create landscape materials. Assign landscape materials to tiles among other tools.
Example output results: