Workflow Motion graphics between example 3dsmax / after effects / UE4

Hi all,

I’ve seen great video Unreal Fest regarding pipeline motion graphics and ue4.25. I would like to try a few things… but have some questions.

What the pipeline between 3ds max to unreal exporting assets scene creation would this be datasmith?
How would you take it from there like bring assets into ue and animating scene with the camera in sequencer? guess animating ue4 is much easier then afftereffects.
Then render out exr sequence sequencer. Then composite in aftereffects or additional effects. Just wondering if anybody has some good tips how to approach this.

Thanks in advanced.


I would just try to render final image out of engine
but that’s just my preference

Hi, thanks YuuJin… Do you mean do the animation and scene building in UE and then export sequence (exr) out of sequener?

that’s just my preference, yeah
you can’t do everything you would do in comp in shader, but you can do quite a bit
just takes time learning the details