Workflow / importing / materials


Firstly, I’m completely new to UnReal engine.

I’m looking at a workflow that allows me to use SketchUp for the primary design of environments, which are then imported into UnReal for detailing, lighting & rendering etc. I can export and import FBX & OBJ formats. However when I have the object in UnReal, I struggle to edit it. For example the walls (shown below) have a wall tile then a small tile dado and then paint up to the ceiling. In UNReal it’s just one plain object and if I apply a texture, I cannot get all 3 finishes onto the object.

I first tried importing the entire building as a single object but had the same problem. So I thought I needed to import each object independently and reassemble the scene in UnReal. However, as with these walls, where there are more than 1 texture I find this challenge. It’s seems fine if the object is a single texture (e.g. a white ceramic toilet pan). Is there a way of editing an imported object, to the point of making it native to UNReal and therefore being able to overcome this type of challenge?


Exporting the whole building as one mesh is almost never a good idea, because you will need to use a huge lightmap texture to cover all that area.
I usually split up my walls at 90 degree angles into seperate objects to prevent lightmap seams from showing up, unless they are very long. In that case I would cut them halfway and try to cover up the seam somehow.

As for material assignment, normally when working in a modeling program like 3DS max you would assign different material ID’s to an object that needs multiple materials/textures, which would give it a Material Element slot for each material on an object.
I am not familiar with Sketchup myself so I’m not sure if they have a similar system, but this guy seems to got it working in his video:

Thanks, that helped. Setting up in SketchUp is important - need to make sure all objects have front faces visible.