Workflow from Blender to Unreal for complex static objects

Hi everyone! I have searched a loot regarding the topic but I haven’t found a satisfactory answer to it. So…
Which workflow do you suggest regarding modeling of complex static objects?

  1. In Blender objects are usually modeled from many different meshes (e.g. building blocks) right? What is the best way to export such objects from Blender? Should I export such objects as one joined objects or is it better to export the building pieces (wall, door, windows, …) as separate objects?

  2. How do you import you objects to Unreal? As a combined mesh or all of the above mentioned pieces as separate meshes? Especially how do you handle collisions in Unreal for combined meshes? Do you use “complex collision” for them?

  3. Where to create level maps? In Unreal or Blender?

  4. How do you handle model updates? Thus when you update a model in Blender (especially complex ones) and it consists of several meshes, how do you handle the update into Unreal? Do you update all parts manually? I can imagine that this may be a quite annoying work especially when you have renamed static meshes in Unreal.

What are the pros and cons regarding the above questions? I haven’t found a satisfying workflow for me yet thus I hope some of you have some hints and ideas.

Combining the objects in Blender works for me. This allows me to use a single material and UV map and ID masks.

I create the collision in Unreal and almost always use complex for complex objects, as in our game players can stand on objects and place other objects on them. Simple collision generally leaves stacked objects hanging unless the upper surface of the complex object happens to be level.

I would think it would be difficult to get a level from Blender into Unreal, but I haven’t tried.

As I export from blender as one object in FBX, I just reload the .fbx in Unreal. Never had a problem with it.

Complex or basic the work flow is the same. Once you know the workflow you can make changes to your model in Blender and reimport the asset. I just made a tutorial this morning targeted for beginners which cover the workflow from Blender to Unreal including model texture painting, mesh unwrapping and baking to give matching assets in Unreal as you would get in Blender.

Only glitch my pdf files cant upload to the Unreal forum.

Thank you for the answers. This already helped :slight_smile:

@Chaven where can I see your tutorial?