Workflow for working with Rigify and Epic's Blender Tools (Send to Unreal)?

Hi all,

I’m trying to figure out the workflow for getting a character that’s rigged with Rigify into Unreal using the new Blender Tools they released. The tutorials talk about putting your mesh into the Mesh collection and rig into the Rig collection, but this wouldn’t work in this case as it will just import a bunch of nulls for the custom shapes. Not to mention the rig is not Humanoid friendly. There are obviously tools out there for exporting Rigify rigs to Unreal (such as Better FBX Export and Uefy) but that won’t use the super useful looking Send to Unreal workflow.

Considering there is also a tool for UE to Rigify, this is clearly meant to be part of the workflow, but with that tool you need to convert BACK into a skeleton after importing to Blender. This only works also if you have imported an FBX and used the tool to get it to Rigify, so not really useful in this case.

Has anyone worked this out? I would love to just continue to work with my Rigify setup and send to Unreal every time I make a new animation but as it stands I can’t figure out how.

For anyone else trying to work this out, the solution I got was to simply check Deform Bones Only in the FBX Export settings in the plugin, then moving the rig into the Rig collection.

I may try building my Rigify rig from Uefy first for added compatibility but this does seem to work fine so far.