Workflow for making changes to C++ code

What is the workflow, or process, for making changes to the C++ code and blueprints, and then seeing the effects in the game?

I’ve noticed that if I add a UPROPERTY to a blueprint minSpeed for example, that I won’t see that change within the blueprint until I exit out of Rocket, then restart.

At the moment my workflow looks like this:

  1. In Visual Studio I add a new UProperty to FlyingPawn.cpp

  2. Build

  3. In Rocket I compile

  4. Restart Rocket

5 Open Blueprint, and see the change

Surely there has to be a faster way, or am I doing something wrong? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

Oh I see now – you need to have rocket closed in order for those changes to propagate.

That’s a feature I’d like to see implemented: The ability to compile in Visual Studio, then see the changes within Rocket without having to re-open rocket :slight_smile:

You can, at least i do. If you only change cpp files, compile in editor, if you change H files, compile in VS, then press the Compile button in editor, thats it. I implemented a third person shooter camera without closing the editor even once

Ok, so:

If making changes to .cpp

  1. Compile in editor
  2. Play

If making changes to .h

  1. Compile in VS
  2. Compile in editor

But no need to close the blueprints or Rocket at all?

sometimes, ive found that changing the components dont get the blueprint updated, causing some problems, when that happens, i just delete the blueprint and make it again, so it reloads and everything is fine. (request: make a “reload” option in a blueprint)
and no, you dont have to close Rocket at all, never. ( that is actually pretty ■■■■ amazing)

Dear Dave,

I am not proclaiming my workflow to be the best, but here is what I do

  1. decide I want a new property on a blueprint
  2. add the blueprint in the code as a UPROPERTY, making the changes to the source in my preferred external c++ editor
  3. compile my game using Visual Studio
  4. load rocket, which was closed so that compiling could occur
  5. set the defaults for my newly existing blueprint UPROPERTY
  6. Celebrate

#My opinion

Please do note you can use any c++ editor you want and I find VS to be anything less firmly descriptive than “clunky”

I only use VS for compiling :slight_smile: