Workflow for dealing with lots of Variables?

Hi, I’m struggling a fair bit conceptually with a gameplay system (spells for an RPG) that has a lot of variables, and how to deal with them in blueprint.

In a traditional language it wouldn’t be so hard to deal with a wall of text defining the value of each variable (or even storing them in a spreadsheet and outputting it to raw text with the correct formatting for the language.) But with blueprint it’s very messy holding them in one class as there’s so many even just adding all the variables would be a stupidly time consuming task (compared again to just copy, paste, find-replace for the spell name in text.)

I’ve tried holding the variables each spell in their own object blueprint, but haven’t found a way to instantiate each object to add it to the array which holds the spell data. I’ve also tried creating a struct with all the spell variables, but then I have another issue of actually adding the data to the struct in blueprint nodes which is again just as messy if not more than dealing with variables.

So just wondering if anyone has dealt with such a system yet or has any potential solutions?

Have a look at DataTables:

For access through blueprints see:

Another option is the ScriptPlugin with Lua support. You do need to compile the engine to get it to work. And it’s still a work in progress. Seethis threadfor the details.