Workflow for a hybrid physics/non physics mesh setup?

Hey, I have let’s say 2 sticks tied together with a ball in the middle. The ball (pawn) should drive the position of all three meshes, and is setup to be physics driven and also non-physics driven for certain events that are just much easier to drive with animation curves.

The two sticks could - I guess - always have physics on as long as they follow the ball at all times, whether the ball is driven by physics or not. Their physics settings can get switched on and off if need be.

I’m trying to get this to work with ‘attach to’, without sockets, but no luck. I’ve seen people seemingly having success with it. I’d want to be able to rotate the sticks up and down at certain points in the game while physics are still active on all 3 items, would a physics constraint by my best bet? Or should I be able to use attach to while still applying an angular force to rotate the sticks?

It’s pretty close to a tank turret (twin barrelled :slight_smile: ) really… with the barrels just following the tank and being able to rotate on command, all physics driven, and then for a cinematic sequence it’s all switching to being curve driven.

It sounds so simple… I saw this detailed video by Epic setting a tank up in UE4, the only detail they cut out was how to set up the tank physics. God knows why, maybe it was using custom code or something.

Would love a nudge in the right direction here, thanks!